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Short Description

Zombie Game (Now with original title!) is a retro-style top-down zombie survival shooter. (lots of descriptive words!) It's the story of a nameless survivor in an empty, desolate world with nothing but the clothes on his back and a loaded pistol to make it through the day. Also, everyone else who supposedly once lived and breathed like him became zombies somehow and he has to fight them, or they'll eat him or something. You know the drill.

This is our studio's first foray into creating a full, playable, and fun game. While we have worked on other projects in the past, namely game jams such as BaconGameJam, Zombie Game is our first polished and regularly updated video game.


The game currently has 2 fast paced and fun modes:

  • Arcade: A grassy area with an endless supply of zombies for you to destroy. Powerups like the Minigun, Invulnerability Shield, and SMG help your waveclear significantly as the zombies become faster and more numerous.
  • Stuck In The Mud: A test for your clicking hand. As the name implies, you're stuck in the mud. You cannot move. And you'll probably get RSI if you play for too long. In this game mode, accuracy is everything. You'll be graded on your zombie killing efficiency with your post game score influenced by how many shots you've hit/ missed.

We plan on adding 2 additional modes:

  • Survival: Survive by finding food, water and ammunition. Build shelter to protect you at night. This is essentially the "story" or "campaign" mode.
  • Endless (Name not final): Zombies get much tougher in this game mode as does pretty much everything else. Your weapons have finite ammo which you need to buy with currency you earn from zombie kills. Expanding the playable area is also possible by spending your currency to unlock new areas. Think Call Of Duty: Zombies meets Hotline Miami's gameplay style (With of course Zombie Game).


This game was built using the Löve2D framework, a free and open source framework for building 2D games based off Lua. We'd highly recommend it as it is relatively simple but powerful!


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ZombieGame.love 14 MB
Zombie Game (Pre-Alpha 0.1.3).zip 18 MB
Zombie Game (Pre-Alpha 0.1.3) 32Bit.zip 16 MB
Zombie Game (Pre-Alpha 0.1.3) 64Bit.zip 17 MB


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